We are

Partnering with New Zealand's smartest bees to bring you the purest manuka honey in Aotearoa.


Collecting and harvesting Manuka honey remains a trusted partnership between bees and their caretakers. We ensure the hives we source from continue to care and respect both the flora and fauna of our rich, naturally green environment.

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At this moment

Under cover of darkness we're quietly going about our work collecting Manuka Honey for our night harvest.


Maori Honey Night Harvest is just that- harvested at night, this potent Manuka honey is untouched by light and retains properties otherwise removed by daylight conditions.

Night Harvest

This morning

We've been busy (as bees) collecting delicious Manuka Honey as dawn breaks for our late harvest range.


Maori Honey Late Harvest collected in the early dawn, taming the wild Manuka honey with a splash of natural light before it's sealed away in our protective jars.

Late Harvest

Eco Hives

In keeping with our holistic philosophy, where possible, we avoid the use of plastics and polystyrene, our hive components are wooden.

Wood  comes from and grows in our pristine forests, and when our boxes and frames get to their “use by” date, they are broken down and returned to the earth to begin that cycle again.

Seasonal origin

Unlike most honey in the market place our honey is not blended.

Each season the sublte flavours and nose of our honey will change as our bees are effected by the changes in the seasons and the availability of particular flowers.

It is in this vintage approach to harvesting which ensures our honey is unique. 

NEW! Ngahere

Ngahere, means forest.

Our bees forage the many flowers and varied suppliers of nector, transport it back to the hive to create this multi floral delicacy.

You will enjoy subtle and gentle flavours of the bush and native woodland.