The Night Harvest process was developed by the elders at Maori Honey Ltd to work with the integrity of the Bees and protect them from the ravages of Commercial harvests.

All honey has healing properties and the less heat introduced during the extraction process the closer to the “original honey” that is consumed the bees.

At Maori Honey our unique “Night Harvest” process uses the latent heat already in the honey for our extraction process ensuring the honey comes to you in it’s purest form.

Night Harvest is not pasteurized, you are eating the honey the same honey that the Bees consume.

Night harvest manuka honey

At night the bees are at their quietest and by extracting at night, using our process, they are not disturbed and we have very happy bees. Happy bees make beautiful honey.

“Night Harvest” also ensures the Honey is not touched by day light which has a destructive effect on all foods, breaking them down and honey is no different.

Maori Honey Ltd guarantees that the “Night Harvest” honey has not seen the light of day.

Give a gift from Te Kura o Waitaha

Blessed according to Maori tradition, your gift is special in a very unique way. Each harvest is not only blessed by a tribal elder- known as a Tohunga, they also ensure the bees and their honey are handled gently and carefully, according to custom.

Night box
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- Night Harvest -

2015 Gift Pack

Night / Ngahere Harvest

One jar of 2015 Ngahere Honey PLUS One jar of 2015 Night Harvest Manuka Honey, in gift presentation. Limited to 450.

700GM $450.00

- Night Harvest -

Night Harvest

2014. MPC 92%

Marlborough. Our most exclusive product. Harvested nocturnally. Manuka Pollen Count (MPC) of 92%.

350GM $400.00

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