Late harvest is the same honey from the same hives and Apiaries as Night Harvest however as dawn approaches during our unique extraction process we cannot guarantee that the Sun of the new day has not touched the honey so it is labeled accordingly.

As the process is enclosed in our unique mobile extractor the chances of that happening are very slim however we label that honey accordingly.


Give a gift from Te Kura o Waitaha

Blessed according to Maori tradition, your gift is special in a very unique way. Each harvest is not only blessed by a tribal elder- known as a Tohunga, they also ensure the bees and their honey are handled gently and carefully, according to custom.

Late Harvest Manuka Honey

Every harvest tells a new story

Each vintage of Maori Honey exhibits taste profiles containing subtle environmental nuances from the locations of each hive, along with the consistent undertone of Manuka.

We retain a vineyard approach to harvesting and production. Each drop of honey is tracked so you can experiment with different harvest locations or re-order from a previously enjoyed vintage.

An exquisite product deserves an equally exquisite presentation

Further cementing the premium reputation of Maori Honey, we have meticulously designed packaging that serves to be both beautiful as a gift and as a protective shield against the disentegrating effects of natural light on the honey.

Late Harvest Box
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- Late Harvest -

Late Harvest

2015. NPA 20+

Marlborough. A limited harvest. NPA (Non-peroxide Activity) of 20+

350GM $350.00

- Late Harvest -

Late Harvest

2015. NPA 10+

Marlborough. A very limited harvest. NPA (Non-peroxide Activity) of 10+

350GM $250.00

- Late Harvest -

Late Harvest

2015. NPA 5+

Marlborough. NPA (Non-peroxide Activity) of 5+

350GM $150.00

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Our Night Harvest Manuka Honey is gathered under cover of darkness ... Discover more about it below.

Night harvest manuka honey

Night Harvest