Ngahere, means forest, however for us as Maori this world is more than just the trees.

It is every living thing, and their supportive relationships, within the forest.

Te Wao Nui a Tane, it is the world of the protector of our forests. That includes the drops of rain that feed the plants, the sun that creates the photosynthesis, the birds, and of course insects, especially our bees.


Naturally occurring Rongoa

Foraging the many flowers and varied suppliers of nector, our bees- much like our tribal ancestors, combine the many aspects of "rongoa" (ancient medicine) available to us, creating this very unique forest honey.


The Taste

Ngahere is a multi floral honey dervied from forest hives. You will enjoy a subtle, gentle flavour, unique to New Zealand native bush.

A lighter honey, you will notice the difference in flavour and subtleties when you purchase the “Gift Pack” of the Night Harvest and Ngahere together.


Give a gift from Te Kura o Waitaha

Blessed according to Maori tradition, your gift is special in a very unique way. Performed by a Tohunga (tribal elder) they also oversee the harvest, ensuring the bees are handled gently, according to custom.

An exquisite product deserves an equally exquisite presentation

Both beautiful as a gift and serving as a protective shield against the disentegrating effects of natural light, our packaging reflects the mana (status) we place on the gift received from our bees.

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- Night Harvest -

2015 Gift Pack

Night / Ngahere Harvest

One jar of 2015 Ngahere Honey PLUS One jar of 2015 Night Harvest Manuka Honey, in gift presentation. Limited to 450.

700GM $450.00

- Ngahere -


2015 Harvest

Our Ngahere is limited to 200 jars only. Try this subtle, multi floral forest honey!

350GM $100.00

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Our Night Harvest Manuka Honey is gathered under cover of darkness ... Discover more about it below.

Night harvest manuka honey

Night Harvest